Rainer Fraenkel

Rainer Fraenkel is an American songwriter/ guitarist/bassist/producer/engineer & high functioning misfit who has written, recorded and produced material for many projects including composing for cable television soundtracks: Pit Bulls & Paroles, Wicked Tuna, Duck Dynasty, Lockup Raw, DBucks, Hollywood Medium, Alaska Mega Machines, to name a few.

Rainer has worked and/or performed with: The Miracle Mongers, The Freeks, Sol Ignition, Agrophoria, Buzzbox, Rufus Ringwald & the Reindeers, among many others over the years.

Current Projects include:

The Miracle Mongers (writing, multi-instruments, production and recording)

The Freeks (co-produce/engineer/performance)

Loteria Collaboration with Ruben Romano, Amber Webber, Richard Jones & Beale Dabbs.


Current Projects