Entered the LA music scene playing Sex Pistols “God Save the Queen” to an audience of prospective students and their parents at the then-staid Guitar Institute of Technology, October 1980.
Probyn is a grizzled vet who has entertained the minions of LA for some 40 years, getting paid for playing any of 39 different instruments (few at a conservatory level). Formerly a camp director at Apple Hill Center for Chamber Music and composer for Children’s TV Workshop, he found his niche in pop and legacy artists, performing and/or recording with Wondermints, The Negro Problem, Mello Cads, Joey Cheezee, Arthur Lee & Love, Peter Case, Now People, Brian Wilson, Nazz, Jan & Dean, Andrew Gold’s Byrds of a Feather, Billy Joel, Heart, Elton John, Jimmy Webb, David Crosby, Eric Clapton, Neil Young, Paul McCartney, Beach Boys and The Monkees. He is honored to have contributed to over 150 albums.  

Current Projects