Michael F. Glass is a native born Los Angeles songwriter and guitar player, who is known to play electric bass and synthesizers, as well. 

An avid music lover from a very early age, Michael furthered his musical passion beginning to play guitar and bass as an enthusiastic tween. After only a few short years of playing, Michael was invited to audition on guitar and join local punk band Sin 34 in 1981. Performing and participating in the punk music scene in the Southern California area lead Michael to meet and work with many local musicians and bands. It was a time of nonstop jamming and collaborating with like minded people looking to make music. 

It wasn’t long after this initial experience when Michael branched out to join other bands including one of his favorite bands, White Flag. Michael reflects “Being part of White Flag was great time for me! With Pat Fear’s love of rock, his wit and sense of irony it was always fun and entertaining. Playing with Pat was the first time that I experienced playing with someone who really got me. Although White Flag was led by Pat, he was very inclusive creatively and generous with giving credit, which wasn’t always the case with other people that I have played with. I have really missed him!”



Sin 34: Die Laughing

Sin 34: Do You Feel Safe?

Sin 34: Die Listening

Anarchy 6: Hardcore Lives!

White Flag: Live At Bohemian Grove / White Flag & Tony

White Flag: Benefit for Cats


Current Projects