My first band was Big Diamonds, neighborhood pals. We used to jam in a neon sign factory that I worked at in an industrial section of  the San Fernando Valley. We would invite friends over and have a bit of fun.
I’ve made various contributions on a number of albums over the years. 
Bands etc; The Dawds, Charmkin Rebellion, Menthol Hill, Comanches, The Blame Game, Black Cat Mafia, Scenic, The Sugar Frosted Lightbulbs, Metatonic, Les Confidantes, Remote Control Dead Bodies, Manifold, Tramp For The Lord, Rosemarry Moreau, Rosemary Reyes Band. Weatherbell, Pelt, Lord Orange, Drill Team, Jon Hyde, Bobby
Pickett, Naughty Bird, No. 2, Tako LeMans, Echo Mile, Baroque in Blue, Jeepster, White, Satellite, Big Diamonds. Grey Meat, Medusa Complex