Justin Burrill

Musician, Songwriter, Engineer, Producer.
Entered L.A. music scene Fall of 1988 when the Wild Stares relocated from Boston.

Justin Burrill is a Los Angeles guitarist, songwriter, audio engineer and producer with more than 15 band album releases. He has toured extensively in the United States and Europe as a guitarist and singer with the Wild Stares and with W.A.C.O., sharing the stage with the likes of the Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, Cramps, Go- Betweens, Handsome Family, Lydia Lunch, Tiny Tim and Beck and has also been a member of the Shards, the Chump Change Gang and Bishkek Wedding.

Justin has recorded, mixed, mastered and/or produced well over one hundred projects in his studio including many Loteria related artists such as Magnet Hearts, Lavender Diamond, Listing Ship, Santa Sabbath, as well as many others. He has also written, arranged and performed music for film.

Current Projects

The Wild Stares

“remarkably creative, irreverent, hard-to-classify rock music” – Epitonic, “Like some forsaken tiger roaring through a jet turbine”-Spex


Bishkek Wedding

Non-classifiable improvisational ensemble with Jon Wahl (sax), Brock Avery (percussion) and Jeff Boynton (bent instruments and Cello)