Drummer John Collinson has played with numerus bands over 30 years in Los Angeles and is a veteran performer of LA’s most notable and notorious underground music venues, including Al’s Bar, Raji’s, Mr. T’s Bowl and Café NELA. John’s playing spans art rock, hard rock, garage, funk, jazz and punk. He is featured on ten albums, including two double-album rock operas “Even Song” and “Lilith” by Thomas Kugler and the 2018 holiday compilation album “Something Shocking from the Stocking” (JoZee Records). He has performed on stage and/or in the studio with experimental art rockers Leather Hyman, The Replacement Killers, Motorcycle Black Madonnas, Tony Clifton, Punk Rock Vatos, The Golden Rulers, Crawlspace, Brass of Steel, Legal Weapon, Sssssss!, Sylvia Juncosa, the Rosemary Reyes Band and Peter Lewis of Moby Grape. His current projects include psychedelic garage rockers The Magnet Hearts, disruptive surf rockers Furious Nakamura and Santa Sabbath, which thrills fans worldwide with holiday-themed versions of Black Sabbath classics. John’s music with Leather Hyman is prominently featured in “Tales of the American Hotel,” a documentary film about LA’s first Black hotel, its bohemian history and the nightclub Al’s Bar that occupied the hotel’s first floor.

John loves to participate in collaborative projects like 2013’s musical performance of “Jesus Christ Superstar” by the 30 Pieces of Silver Lake Soul Revue, Gitane Demone’s Last Orchestra Choir Spectacular tribute to Brian Eno in 2019 and Loteria. Over the years, John has collaborated or performed with 30 Loteria musicians.

Current Projects