Herb Lienau hails from beautiful Palm Springs, California.   He started his musical journey in 1975 when he began playing trumpet in concert, stage, and marching band from 5th thru 11th grade.  In 1980 he ditched the trumpet and started singing in his first (punk) band Subservice.  Next was vox / guitar for Dead Issue / Darkside with desert notables Mario Lalli, Alfredo Hernandez, & Scott Reeder.  Darkside was featured on Dave Markey’s Desperate Teenage Lovedolls soundtrack.  Other desert bands he was a member of included Party Dolphins, Shaka Supersonic, Slack, Super Fun Happy Slide, DECON, Del Padres, & Half Astro.
  In 2015 Herb learned himself the keys & unleashed his alter ego “Herbert”.  This solo act is loosely based on the 70’s Shakey’s Pizza piano player guy… but he dawns a creepy old man mask and plays demented versions of some of his favorites – even getting a few played on the Dr. Demento show!   Herb’s currently focusing on playing bass for the desert surf band The Woodys.  

8 releases + a track on Tony Hawk Ride for PS2! (ha)

Photos:  Larry Lalli / Memo Villasenor

Current Projects