Erick “Dubeejunk” Yanez

Erick “Dubeejunk” Yanez was born June 21, 1971 in East Los Angeles Ca. Currently living in Alhambra, Ca.  Erick mainly works with acrylic based paint markers and spray paints, but is not limited to these mediums. 

Highly influenced by music, cartoons, comic books, religion and the historic East L.A. murals. Erick has developed his own sense of style when creating his unique graphics. His designs initially started on 3″x5″ blank labels and have since progressed to canvas and at times blank skateboards. 

He has showcased his art in local communities through the utility box art programs and has been commissioned by a business owner for his first mural project. Erick is dedicated to further developing his style, always creating, pulling inspiration from what is dear to him…….and that is all the beautiful colors of life.

Erick is responsible for the Loteria cover artwork.